Campaign Kickoff Ideas
  Write a letter to your state officials encouraging them to adopt a proclamation for the last week in August as National Auto Auction Week

Send an auction individualized news release to your state's local media (i.e., press, radio, TV, web stream), and to your customers about the special celebration sale and other events that celebrate National Auto Auction Week

Recognize an outstanding auction employee with a presentation at your event awarding them with a Warren Young Fellowship or with a certificate of appreciation

Send out special event invitations to local officials, media, and the surrounding community

Sponsor and hold a breakfast or luncheon in celebration of National Auto Auction Week

Decorate with signage that states "Home of the World's Best Auto Auction"

Provide a daily drawing of prizes to your patrons (i.e., via business cards, random numbers at each lane, etc.)

Offer employee contest to decorate their auction lane for the event and have patrons judge the "best decorated"

Mark several cars in lane with "National Auto Auction Week," and hide a prize in the truck for the winning bidder

Have digital photos or ad available for review on your website

Get prize sponsorships from your auto industry vendors, and publicize them as a National Auto Auction Week supporter