Eastern Chapter Midwest Chapter Southern Chapter Western Chapter

NAAA’s Chapters: Unique in Character, United in Purpose

The four chapters of the National Auto Auction Association share the same mission as their parent organization: To protect and promote the interests of their members by advancing the knowledge, leadership, standards and ethics necessary to meet the challenges of an evolving wholesale auto auction industry in the 21st century.

Formerly four trade associations affiliated with NAAA as regional zones, each its own legal entity with separate corporate operations, the zones were restructured in 2010 into a centralized management system of chapters that streamlined administration and eliminated redundancies for a more efficient and cost-effective organization.

Today the Eastern, Southern, Midwest and Western chapters retain the distinct character and identity of their regions, allowing each one to address the unique needs of its regional members and represent their interests to the association. Elected officers and directors of the chapter boards, along with appointed committees, constitute the chapter decision-making body guided by a set of governance procedures.

The chapters also serve as a training ground for future NAAA executive leaders, perform as major fundraisers in support of NAAA programs and philanthropic activities, and function as a channel of communication with the membership.

Chapter Membership

A regular member or associate member of NAAA will be a regular member or associate member of a Chapter, provided that applications are made to NAAA and approved by the NAAA Board of Directors. However, all applications for membership are posted and members given 30 days to comment prior to approval by the board. The Chapter President is notified by NAAA prior to posting new member applications. Upon acceptance, a regular member is assigned by NAAA to a Chapter if its principal place of business is within the Chapter geographic boundaries.