2017 Committee List and Committee Members

Just as with your auction, people are the National Auto Auction Association’s greatest asset.

Each year, the president appoints individuals to represent, engage, and serve our membership through work conducted by various committees. Because NAAA operates on a system of committees, we rely on the hard work and dedication of these volunteers. The ideas, input and enthusiasm our members bring to the table are vital to the function, achievements and ongoing success of this organization.

The committees furnish an effective task force for the association, since they ensure group participation in problem solving and offer a forum for the many interests within NAAA. They also provide an important training ground for future leaders.

The generous gift of the committee members’ time, knowledge and experience makes a real difference. We simply couldn’t do the crucial work of the NAAA without their significant contributions. If you’re interested in serving on a committee, please complete the Committee Appointment Request Form and submit it for consideration.

Auction Standards Committee
Matt Arias, Co-Chair – Manheim
Kurt Madvig, Co-Chair – ADESA
Ed Ammar – ADESA
Chris Angelicchio – ADESA Pittsburgh
Randy Beil – Manheim
Steve Boisvert – Southern Auto Auction
Barry Fabricant – ADESA Mercer
Joey Hughes – Manheim Pennsylvania
Paul Jenkins – DAA of the Rockies
Paul Lips – ADESA
Jason Mahn – Manheim
Tony Markese – Manheim
Levi McCoy – LeasePlan U.S.A.
Tim Meta – Fifth Third Bank
Brad Myers – Capital One Auto Finance
Tommy Rogers – BSC America
Patrick Simmons – DAA Northwest
Russ Smith – DAA of Idaho

Canadian Committee
Don Wallace, Co-Chair – Manheim Canada

Convention Committee
Corinne Amrhein, Co-Chair – ADESA
Lori Kahre – NextGear Capital
Charlottee Pyle – Capital City Auto Auction
Penny Wanna – ServNet

Editorial Committee
Charlie Adams – AutoTec
Corrine Amrhein – ADESA
Matt Arias – Manheim
Chad Bailey – Akron Auto Auction
Emily Barber – State Line Auto Auction
Dave Blake – DAA Seattle
Ben Brasher – Brasher's Sacramento Auto Auction
Warren Clauss – ADESA Buffalo
Eileen Dennie – ADESA
Stephanie Gingras – Dealers Auto Auction of the Southwest
Mary Haller – Auction Broadcasting Company
Peter Lavallee – Manheim
Candice Lester – GM Financial
Jon Magnin – NextGear Capital
Jane Morgan – ADESA
Chuck Redden – AutoTec
Lois Rossi – Manheim

Darci Valentine – ADESA
Mitzi Van Voorhis – DAA Northwest
Don Wallace – Manheim Canada
Neill Waters – Automotive Finance Corporation
Karyn Wrye – Manheim

Finance and Budget Committee
Warren Byrd, Co-Chair – ADESA
Mike Browning, Manheim San Antonio
Mark Capel – Grand Rapids Auto Auction
Bob Haluska – ADESA Concord
Jane Morgan – ADESA
Joe Pyle – Mountain State A
uto Auction
Bob Sullivan – XLerate Group

Independent Auction Group
Lynn Weaver, Co-Chair – America's Auto Auction - Harrisburg
Dave Blake, Co-Chair – DAA Seattle
Charlotte Pyle – Co-Chair – Capital City Auto Auction
Eric Autenrieth, Midwest – Carolina Auto Auction
L. Todd Briggs,
Eastern – Greater Erie Auto Auction
Doug Doll, Western – KCI Kansas City
Stephanie Gingras, Western – Dealers Auto Auction of the Southwest
Ed Laborio, Eastern – Lynnway Auto Auction
Doug Rodriguez, Southern – Dealers Auto Auction - Chattanooga
Mark Rubino, Western – South Bay Auto Auction of Stockton
Laura Taylor, Southern – Charleston Auto Auction
Rob Thompson, Midwest – Mid-State Auto Auction
Kate Van Dyke, Midwest – Interestate 94 Vehicle Auction
Ray Vickers, Western – Farmington Auto Auction

Leadership Institute Committee
Chad Bailey – Akron Auto Auction
Michael Bradt – Manheim
J.D. Daniels – Manheim Phoenix
Becky Doemland – ADESA
Stephanie Gingras – Dealers Auto Auction of the Southwest
Cindy Mitchell – Bel Air Auto Auction
John Odorisio – Manheim New Jersey
John Perhach – ADESA Washington, D.C.
Charlotte Pyle – Capital City Auto Auction
Pamela Sackey – Manheim Detroit
David Ward – Brasher's Idaho Auto Auction

Legislative Committee
Jane Morgan, Co-Chair – ADESA
John Poteet, Co-Chair – Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction
Karyn Wrye – Co-Chair – Manheim
Craig Amelung – Manheim Fredericksburg
Mike Bradley – 166 Auto Auction
Wyatt Carter – Sanford Auto Dealers Exchange
Warren Clauss – ADESA Buffalo
Steve DeLuca – Auto Auction of New England
Daryl DeVries – Greater Kalamazoo Auto Auction
Heather Greenawald – ADESA
Jerry Hinton – ADESA Portland
Jim Jackson – ARI
Greg Mahugh – DAA Northwest
Mark Melton – ADESA Northwest
Joe Pyle – Mountain State Auto Auction
Chuck Redden – AutoTec
Sally Saldamarco – Central Auto Auction
Doug Shore – ADESA
Linda Silverstein – Ford Motor Company
Clint Weaver – America's Auto Auction - Harrisburg
Toni Williams - Manheim Central Florida

Membership Committee
Kenny Osborn, Co-Chair – ADESA Dallas
John Rea, Co-Chair – Rea Brothers' Mid South Auction
Mike Caggiano – ADESA
Sam Chaple – Manheim Nashville
Warren Clauss – ADESA Buffalo
Daryl DeVries – Greater Kalamazoo Auto Auction
Jay Fahrendorff – ADESA Minneapolis
Mark Ford – Manheim
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Mark Greb – Plaza Auto Auction
Tim Hoegler – Manheim New England

Ellie Johnson – Manheim Statesville
Steve Kesler – Kesler-Schaefer Auto Auction
Jennifer Leocardi – McConkey Auction Group
Jack Neshe – ADESA Boston
Michele Noblitt – Dealers Auto Auction of the Rockies
John Poteet – Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction
Charlottee Pyle – Capital City Auto Auction
Peter Saldamarco – Central Auto Auction
Dave Taylor – ADESA Syracuse
Lynn Weaver – America's Auto Auction - Harrisburg

NAAA/NADA Joint Marketing Committee
Ray Nichols, Chair – BSC America
Frank Hackett, Secretary – NAAA CEO
Warren Byrd, ADESA
Jay Cadigan, Manheim
Mark Capel, Alternate – Grand Rapids Auto Auction
Paul Lips, Alternate – ADESA
Ellie Johnson, Alternate – Manheim Statesville
JDPA-J.D. Power and Associates
Mike Stanton
Diedre Borrego
Jonathan Banks, Alternate
Dan Ruddy, Alternate

Nominating Committee
Mike Browning, Chair – Manheim San Antonio
Ellie Johnson, Chair – Manheim Statesville
Jack Neshe – ADESA Boston
Paul Lips – ADESA
Charlotte Pyle – Capital City Auto Auction

Past President's Committee
Mike Browning, Chair – Manheim San Antonio

Political Action Committee
Warren Clauss, Chair – ADES Buffalo
John Poteet, Treasurer – Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction
Sam Chaple, Asst. Treasurer – Manheim Nashville
Emily Barber – Stateline Auto Auction
Mike Caggiano –
Nichole Graham-Ponce – Manheim Dallas Ft. Worth
Kristie Goben, Midwest – Greater Milwaukee Auto Auction
Charles Nichols – Bel Air Auto Auction
Charlotte Pyle, Southern – Capital City Auto Auction
Chuck Redden – AutoTec
Lynn Weaver, Eastern – America's Auto Auction - Harrisburg

Safety Committee
Warren Clauss, Chair – ADESA Buffalo
Kay Hudson – CARS Recon, Inc.
Ellie Johnson – Manheim Statesville
Kenny Jones – Manheim
Rich Levene – ADESA Austin
Tim Massingale – KAR Auction Services
Mike Rohdy – Arthur J. Gallagher Auto Auction Services
Mike Roy – Arthur J. Gallagher Risk-Management Services, Inc.
Don Rowley – ADESA
James Walker – KAR Auction Services
Clint Weaver – America's Auto Auction - Harrisburg

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