NAAA Press Release

Adoption of NAAA's National Certification
Program Gains Momentum

Association provides support as more companies implement uniform quality system

FREDERICK, Md.—Adoption of the National Auto Auction Association's (NAAA) National Certification Standard (NCS) Program by the remarketing community continues to expand since its release on January 1. Those companies that have already announced plans to participate include ADESA, Manheim, ServNet Auction Group, Independent Auction Group, Auction Broadcasting Company, America's Auto Auctions, American Auto Auction Group, Automotive Resources International, KIA Motors, AmeriCredit/GM Financial, Hyundai Financial, Santander and Bank of America. The program was previously endorsed by IARA.

The NAAA launched the groundbreaking program after extensive research, coupled with significant dialog and cooperation from its remarketing partners and the International Automotive Remarketing Alliance (IARA). This universal streamlined set of standards will create numerous benefits for all stakeholders, auctions and especially buyers in lane and on-line.

NAAA Executive Director Frank Hackett noted implementation of the program is an industry process that is being rolled out over the next six weeks. "We encourage auctions to adopt NCS as soon as possible and then inform their remarketing partners that they're on board with the program," he advised, adding that posters and other materials are being shipped to assist members with their participation.

The two-page NCS document and other information about the program can also be found on the organization's web site,

Dave Angelicchio, former NAAA president who chairs its Standards Committee, said his team will monitor the performance of the program to help guide member auctions in a uniform application, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

"NCS is an easy-to-use tool employing a concise checklist of 48 basic criteria, which describe in clear, straightforward language specific conditions to meet one of three quality levels — Silver, Gold or Platinum," he explained. "It was designed to be comprehensive in scope in order to handle a broad range of vehicle types with well-defined requirements for inspection, reconditioning and marketing."

Bob McConkey, former NAAA president and member of the Standards Committee said, "NCS offers more than just a ratings system. This program creates a common method of comparison and transparency in transactions — whether in-lane or online, at any auction, anywhere. The program is designed to build trust and confidence throughout the remarketing systems, and across all channels, and all customer groups with NAAA."