Dealers Auto Auction of the Southwest Announces
New Text Bidder Badge System

On Wednesday July 24th, will begin it's first in the nation bid number text service. This service eliminates lines and utilizes mobile technology on smartphones and iPads.

" Dealers are always looking for ways to make attending our sale easier and the one thing that has always concerned me in this high tech era, is we still 'stick' badges on people's shirts, stated VP and former NAAA President Jim DesRochers"

So effective immediately, General Manager Stephanie Gingras has implemented a day of sale system that allows dealers to receive their bidder numbers prior to arriving at the sale and just flash that number as they walk-in to the auction, show it again to get a free breakfast and then show it to the ring man when they buy a car (yes still uses ring men to insure every in lane and online bid is maximized)

" In this era of using your smartphone to read window stickers and decode vins with Black Book, CarFax and related software, it only made sense to extend the bidder number ability to that tool as well. For those that like still enjoy the bidder badge stickies and standing in line, DAASW has removed it's traditional kiosks and installed two wireless IPad stands to provide that service stated General Manager Stephanie Gingras"

My belief is mobile technology is not about self-service but truly about our industry providing high tech service for our customers and this is one way I think that can be accomplished!

Jim DesRochers

NAAA Posted 7/18/2013