2019 NAAA Auction Industry Survey

Dear: NAAA Member Auctions

It is time once again for the Annual Auction Industry Survey. Please access this confidential survey by going first to obtain your AUCTION ID Number (link to right on screen) needed to start the survey.

Also, please notice that for each NAAA Member Auction completing this survey NAAA Services Corporation is sponsoring Three(3) complimentary room nights* at the 2020 NAAA Annual Convention in Dallas, TX. This offer is a $670 value, and may be used by any member of your auction team.

The online survey is a SECURE SITE and requests your unique auction id and NAAA Membership Directory Auction Name. BOTH along with other survey information can be found online via the survey link as noted above.

Our goal is to have the survey prior to the extended deadline of
Saturday, May 30, 2020.

This is the twenty-second consecutive year that this survey has been authorized by the NAAA Board of Directors. It is very important for each auction to participate in this survey. Completing your survey this year will allow NAAA to analyze trends which will help auctions and the association.

Furthermore, our Board members believe this information will help our Association report the impact of our member auctions to the automotive industry, as well as giving individual auctions facts to combat potential taxation and fee battles with local and state authorities.

NAAA has engaged again this year an independent accountant. The accountant analyzes the completed surveys and is engaged to maintain confidentiality of individual auction responses. Only summarized results will be released.

In addition, all submitted information is destroyed at the conclusion of the survey. Detailed survey results will be mailed from NAAA to all participating NAAA member auctions upon completion of the Survey.

Thank you, in advance, for joining us in this worthwhile project.


Frank A. Hackett
NAAA Chief Executive Officer


* Standard rooms only within the booked NAAA room block occuring during the 2020 NAAA Annual Convention in Dallas, TX. Reservations must be made by Sunday, September 13, 2020.

SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2020


Step 1:
Retrieve Auction ID Number

Step 2:

Read the Survey Instructions Before Starting Survey
(Reference Below the Survey Definitions for Help)
Download Instructions

Step 3:
Print Out a Hard Copy of the Survey to Complete

Step 4:

Start Secure/Confidential Online Survey
Submit via EMAIL a PDF of the Hard Copy Survey to: [email protected]
Submit by MAIL to:
Robert Casey
6310 Spring Lake Drive
Burke, VA 22015