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Odometer Mileage Programming Devices - ALERT!!!


TO: NAAA Members

FROM: Frank Hackett, Executive Director, NAAA

RE: Odometer Mileage Programming Devices - ALERT

This information is being provided to our members due to ongoing problems auctions are encountering with odometer mileage programming devices. These issues were brought to our attention several months ago, and NAAA spoke with David Sparks, Director, Office of Odometer Fraud Investigation. We informed David of the issue that was brought to light by some of our members regarding the use of such devices.

David said that his office is familiar with this concept. Most of these companies are foreign companies (primarily Canada and China) but have United States based websites.

David's office (OOFI) has contacted auto manufacturers regarding this issue. Odometers rarely malfunction and all manufacturers have authorized repair centers in the event of a malfunction, but because malfunction is possible, there is a legitimate purpose to what they are selling.

The law regarding odometer fraud was written before the current electronic age. The statutes have not been revised by Congress since odometers have gone electronic. A gap in the law exists pertaining to these programming devices.

Manufacturers provide the "seed & key algorithm" to legitimate companies so that these companies can produce tools that will turn these indicator lights off. These codes are most likely being hacked and that is how these online companies are able to create these devices.

Below is a downloadable Investigative Briefing that was produced by the USDOT – NHTSA, Office of Odometer Fraud Investigation. The attachment is a photo presentation to assist in identifying odometer correction tools based on a You Tube video titled: Mileage Correction Tool Review TOP 10 ( The last page of the briefing provides contact information by region for the Office of Odometer Fraud Investigation.

Be on alert for potential mileage discrepancies that crop up between time of check-in and sale and between time of assignment and delivery to the auction as this could be an indication that the vehicle was tampered with to decrease its value and provide a fraudulent benefit to the ultimate buyer of the vehicle.

If you have experienced any issues with such devices, please contact Frank Hackett, Executive Director, NAAA at This issue will be discussed at the upcoming Legislative Committee Meeting at our National Conference in Chicago next week. If you have information to share or would like to learn more, please plan on attending the meeting Thursday, September 22nd.

Download-- NHTSA Investigative Briefing: Indentification of Odometer Correction Tools

Posted 9/14/11