LAS VEGAS, NV—The National Auto Auction Association PAC Cup Challenge, NAAA’s Eastern Chapter captured the coveted trophy with the winning donation total of $27,850 to the Political Action Committee. The Southern Chapter ranked second, with the Western Chapter third and fourth place going to the Midwest Chapter.

As the top fundraiser, the Eastern Chapter and its officers’ names have been engraved on the cup, noted NAAA President Mike Browning as he presented awards to the participants during the 2016 CAR Conference in March.

“I want to thank our chapters for getting in the spirit of this friendly competition and setting a successful pace for future annual PAC Cups,” Browning said. “I also want to express our gratitude to all the individual donors for their financial support. A well-funded Political Action Committee is a key component of our enhanced legislative advocacy efforts on federal issues of vital importance to our membership.”

In recognition, Founders have their names engraved on the PAC Cup, which is prominently displayed at all NAAA meetings and the association’s headquarters. They also received an acrylic award acknowleding them as PAC supporters.

Frank Hackett, the association’s chief executive officer, reported that more than $60,350 has been raised for NAAA PAC since its start in 2011 thanks to the members’ generous support. “That’s why we created the PAC Cup Challenge — to offer an impressive and fun incentive for our members to get involved in our advocacy efforts while showing our appreciation for their help,” he explaned.

NAAA, which represents more than 300 member auctions in North America, formed its PAC as part of the association’s initiative to be more proactive in the political arena. NAAA is assisted by the professional lobbying firm of Federal Advocates, giving us a powerful, united voice in Washington to protect the interests of our members and the industry,” Hackett said. “With the help of the PAC Cup that voice will grow even stronger.”

For more information about NAAA PAC and the PAC Cup Challenge, go to NAAA.com or contact NAAA Operations Manager Tricia Heon at 301-696-0400 or theon@naaa.com.


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