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1. Promote the advancement and welfare of its members and the wholesale auto auction industry by all proper, suitable and lawful means.
2. Educate and assist its members in providing the highest level of services to their customers.
3. Disseminate information among its members relating to advancements in the wholesale auto auction industry.
4. Foster a spirit of good will among its members in their relationship with each other and the motor vehicle industry, so all interests may
be served fairly.
5. Encourage ethical practices and promulgate a Code of Ethics for the regulation of the wholesale auto auction industry.
6. Engage in any lawful activities which are in furtherance of the purposes of the Chapter.

Midwest Chapter Name
On March 3, 2010, the Midwest Auto Auction Association, aka Midwest Zone (Zone) voted to dissolve the association and carry on the functions as the Midwest Chapter (Chapter) of the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA). The Zone bylaws were replaced with governance procedures.

Governance Procedures

A regular member or associate member of NAAA will be a regular member or associate member of a Chapter, provided that applications are
made to NAAA and approved by the NAAA Board of Directors (BOD). However, all applications for membership are posted and members given
30 days to comment prior to approval by the BOD. The Chapter President is notified by NAAA prior to posting new member applications. Upon
acceptance, a regular member is assigned by NAAA to a Chapter if its principal place of business is within the Chapter geographic boundaries.

National Auto Auction Association
The National Auto Auction Association represents 314 auto auctions both domestic and international, with more than 7.5 million units sold each year. The Midwest Chapter is represented by 56 auto auction members comprising of 18% of the NAAA membership.
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Midwest Chapters Donations

Safety in the Lanes Video

In 2006, the chapter approved an expenditure, in conjunction with the other chapters an expenditure of $7,500 for a 16 minute production which highlights the challenges of operating vehicles in the "Auction House" environment. The "Cycle of Safety" takes the viewer from entering the vehicle, through the auction process and back to the parking area. Our time tested Keys help the driver negotiate the hazards of this target rich environment with better space and visibility. This show works well as an introduction for new drivers or refresher for experienced lot drivers, and reinforces the concepts taught in Smith System courses.

Political Action Committee
In 2012, the chapter approved, in conjunction with the other chapters, an expenditure of $10,000 for the start-up funds to establish the NAAA Political Action Committee.

Disney Institute
In 2012, the chapter approved, in conjunction with the other chapters, an expenditure of $10,000 to offset the tuition costs for attendees of the 2012 NAAA Dynamic Leadership Institute.

Disney Scholarships
In 2013, the chapter approved $2,100 in scholarship funds for attendees from their chapter to attend the 2013 NAAA Dynamic Leadership Institute.

Convention Attendance
2012 Annual Convention – Orlando, FL: 44% of the Chapter Members attended

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