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National Auto Auction Association

The National Auto Auction Association represents 316 auto auctions both domestic and international, with more than
8.7 million units sold each year. The Midwest Chapter is represented by 57 auto auction members comprising of
18% of the NAAA membership. NAAA and Midwest Logos

PAC LogoPolitical Action Committee (PAC)
Political Action Committee (PAC) - NAAA PAC was formed to advance NAAA’s long-term objectives by supporting the political campaigns of federal candidates who further NAAA’s industry goals, and who support its employees and the communities where it does business.

Jeff Aisel
Chad Anderson
Chad Bailey
Tom Caruso
Mark Ryan Clark
Jason Cotton
W.J. "Buzz" Cotton
Jennifer Cotton
Daryl DeVries
  David Emerson
Kristie Goben
Mark Greb
Kristie Griffin
James Griffin
Alexis Jacobs
Steve Kesler
Steve Krupa
Ben Lange
  Paul Lips
John Luce
Cheryl DeVries-O'Brien
Bob Rauschenberg
Jack Sampson
Robin Thompson
Chris Walsh
Keith Whann
Bill Williams

NAAA Warren Young, Sr. Scholastic Foundation
The NAAA Warren Young, Sr. Scholastic Foundation, Inc. scholarship program was established to assist full-time employees, their children, step-children and grandchildren who plan to continue education in college or vocational school programs. Twelve scholarships totaling $52,000 are awarded each academic year. Four $3,000 scholarships are awarded to those attending a 2-year school or auto-related degree at a vocational-technical school and eight $5,000 scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in a 4-year school. Up to three awards totaling $10,000 will be awarded each year per each of the four NAAA members chapters. Applications are accepted annually from November through February.

The Midwest Chapter has donated $25,000 to the foundation to establish the Midwest Chapter Scholarship.


NAAAWYSF Fellow MedalWarren Young Fellow
This award recognizes major contributions to NAAA and acknowledges sustaining support for the NAAA Warren Young, Sr. Scholastic Foundation, Inc. goal of improving access to post-secondary education through scholarships and educational assistance. The Fellowship was created in honor of Warren Young, Sr., a pioneer in the field of auction auctions who retired from Manheim in 1992 after serving in the auto auction industry for more than 35 years.

Midwest Chapter Fellows
Eric Autenrieth
Warren Byrd
Tom Caruso
W.J. "Buzz" Cotton
Don DeVries
Dale Flora
  John Fuller
Brian Geitner
Mike Hocket
Alexis Jacobs
Dan Kennedy
Gregg Kobel
  Paul Seger
Linda Silverstein
Lynda Thomas
Rob Thompson
Keith & Regina Whann


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