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In 1938, due to the unavailability of vehicles in the American South during the Great Depression, some enterprising livestock auctioneers began importing a few used cars from the north to sell along with cattle and farm machinery. Ten years later a private trade association, the National Auto Auction Protection Association, was formed to provide a unified voice for the fledgling industry. Then in 1954 the name was changed to the National Auto Auction Association.

Over the decades, the association represented its membership to their customers, elected officials, regulatory and enforcement authorities, the media, and the automotive industry. It also worked to establish uniform principles of fair, consistent and ethical treatment as best practices.

Today, NAAA remains devoted to its original mission of protecting and promoting the interests of our members by advancing the knowledge, leadership and standards necessary to meet the challenges of an evolving auto auction industry in the 21st century.

Below is a list highlighting some of NAAA’s major milestones and noteworthy achievements throughout the years, as well as links to archived materials:

National Auto Auction Association Milestones
Year   Milestone Description
1938   J.M. "Martin Rawls holds the first auction.
1948   C.B. Drake assembles auto auctioneers and founds National Auto Auction Protection Association (NAAPA)
1954   Name is changed from NAAPA to simply National Auto Auction Association (NAAA)
1955   Auction Insurance Company begins providing insurance to auctioneers
1962   NAAA produces first promotional brochure
1963   Chrysler's first ever "buy-back" sale of rental and company cars via auto auction is help
1968   NAAA 20th Anniversary
1971   First published NAAA directory
1978   NAAA's 30th Anniversary is held in Toronto, Canada
1986   NAAA helps " Truth in Mileage Act" to become a law
1988   NAAA's 40th Anniversary
1989   Headquarters moves to Frederick, Maryland
1992   "Anti-Car Theft Act" pushed forward via the NAAA
1996 is launched, featuring auction-to-auction emailing
1998   50th Anniversary of NAAA, 60th Anniversary of the auto auction industry
2002   NAAA Water/Flood Damage Policy established
2004   NAAA Title Warranty Policy established
2005   Scholastic Foundation awards first scholarships
2006   NAAA Vehicle Condition Grading Scale and Arbitration Policy developed
2007   Scholastic Foundation renamed NAAA Warren Young, Sr., Scholastic Foundation, Inc.
2008   60th Anniversary of the NAAA, 70th Anniversary of the auto auction industry
2009   NAAA merges Spring Business Meeting with CAR Conference
Online: Electronic Condition Report and National Arbitrarion Policy
2010   NAAA Zones dissolved and renamed NAAA Chapters Wholesal Certification Standard established
2011   First webinar hosted by NAAA
Dynamic Leadership Institute begins
2012   Political Action Committee (PAC) formed
Chapters go online (
2013   NAAA makes first PAC contribution to members of Congress
NAAA On The Block newsletter transitions to a magazine publication and expands readership
First state independent auto dealer association joins NAAA
65th Anniversary of the NAAA, 75th Anniversary of the auto auction industry
Chapter raise funds for Political Action Committee (PAC Cup)
First live webinar broadcast from annual convention
2014   Black Book Pedal Car Auction held at the 2014 NAAA Annual Convention raises $576,300 to benefit the NAAA Warren Young, Sr., Scholastic Foundation, Inc.
2015   NAAA adopts KAR Auction Services, Inc. safety program for members
2016   NAAA launches Safe T. Sam and Coach Caution online safety training certifications
Inaugural awards for Auto Auction of the Year and Chapter Auto Auctions of the Year for Excellence in Community Service
2017   NAAA awards first Distinguished Service Medal for the act of heroism in circumstance of extreme danger, without regard of risk to oneself, to save the lives of others
2018   70th Anniversary of NAAA, 80th Anniversary of auto auction industry Safe T. Sam training exceeds 35,000 safety certifications NAAA conducts a study a Solving Technician Challenge NAAA publishes Suggested Safety Guidelines.


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