Auction of the Year Award Who is eligible?

How to Apply

Any auction, other business or organization (such as the charity receiving the service) can nominate a NAAA auction member that meets the eligibility qualifications outlined here. Self-nominations are accepted and encouraged.

For each nominee, an Application Package must be completed and submitted to NAAA by the July 8 deadline.

The package consists of the following three elements:

1. Nomination Cover Form – Download Form

This form can be downloaded from above and requires basic contact information for the nominated auction, the charitable group(s) served, the party making the nomination (if different from the nominee) and the person preparing the form. It must be signed and dated for submission along with the next two items.

2. Community Service Statement

In no more than two (2) pages, this statement summarizes the services rendered by the nominated auction. For judging impartiality, it MUST NOT contain specific references to personal names or geographical locations for the nominee and the charities, instead substituting such general words as “Nominee,” “Charity,” “Community,” “City,” “State,” etc. to maintain anonymity. The statement should be typewritten, double-spaced in 10- or 12-point standard font with 1-inch margins for legibility. To receive consideration, the statement must meet the
2-page limit.

3. Supporting Materials

Documentation must be submitted as evidence of the service performed for verification purposes. This may include articles from newspapers, magazines, newsletters, etc., photos, videos, radio clips (via online links, DVD or CD), certificates of recognition, Thank You letters, endorsements and testimonials. PLEASE NOTE: All materials become the property of NAAA and will not be returned.

You may submit the Application Package to NAAA headquarters in one of three ways:

  1. Mail to National Auto Auction Association, Attention: Auto Auction Awards Committee, 5320 Spectrum Drive, Suite D, Frederick, MD 21703
  2. Courier (see above)
  3. Email to with “AOYA Application” in the subject line.

Nominations MUST be received by MONDAY, JULY 8, 2019, for consideration.

The NAAA awards committee will review the application packages to ensure they are complete, adhere to the nominating guidelines and meet the criteria for submission. The accepted nominations will be turned over to their respective chapters to begin the judging process.

The Selection Procedure

All properly completed nominations received by the deadline will be judged by impartial panels comprised of three or five individuals from outside of the automobile industry and who do not have any potential for favoritism or bias toward any of the nominees.

First, the four chapter panels meet in late July for review, discussion and voting. This initial selection stage is based solely on the merits of the anonymous Community Service Statement, so it should include as much detail as possible within the two-page limit.

Once each of the Chapter panels has chosen its award recipient, the winners will be announced during National Auto Auction Week in August. Then their service summaries along with all supporting documentation submitted by the four finalists will be presented to the national panel of judges to determine who will receive the top honor at the annual convention in November.

Remember, No Charitable Act Is Too Small To Go Unrecognized

Donating money and volunteering time to a diverse variety of local nonprofits — regardless of cause or size — are all worthy of recognition. Your public service efforts, which may range from aiding hospitals, homeless shelters and food banks to animal rescue, environmental conservation, and educational activities, all create positive change in our communities.

So whether it’s helping an elderly couple, planting trees in the park, hosting a seminar on financial literacy, sponsoring a youth sports team, assisting veterans and their families or responding to a disaster, let your auction employees know you appreciate their public service. Submit your nomination, or that of a fellow deserving auction, to be named “NAAA Auto Auction of the Year Award for Excellence in Community Service.”

 Important Dates
February 6 (Wednesday)
    Nominations open online
 July 8 (Monday)
    Nominations close at 11:59 PM (PDT)
 August 12, 13, 14 & 15
    Four NAAA Chapter Auto Auction of the
    Year Award recipients announced as
    part of National Auto Auction Week
 October 3 (Thursday)
    Winner of the NAAA Auto Auction of the
    Year Award announced


 Example(s) of Community Service  Statements

2017 Winner—Charleston Auto Auction

2017 Eastern Chapter Winner—ADESA Winnipeg

2017 Midwest Chapter Winne—
Clark County Auto Auction

2017 Southern Chapter Winner—

Charleston Auto Auction

2017 Western Chapter Winner—Metro Auto Auction






















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