Auction Standards Training

The importance of vehicle inspections and arbitration at an all-time high in the remarketing industry. High quality condition reports, post-sale inspections and certifications is critically important to the sellers, buyers and auto auctions. Resolving disputes amongst buyers, sellers and auction produced products or services is just an important and without high quality inspections or dispute resolution in place, customers will find new ways to liquidate or source their vehicle inventory.

The Auction Standards Training Program delivers two information-packed days of classroom led and hands-on training for vehicle inspectors, operations managers, account coordinators, arbitration managers or anybody looking to increase their knowledge about vehicle inspections and arbitration.

Class Pricing

• Damage Analysis – $500/student
• Arbitration – $500/student
• Damage Analysis & Arbitration – $750/student

Class Information

Day 1 – Damage Analysis —— 8:30 am-5:00 pm
Day 1 is all damage analysis. You will have a better understanding of the complexity that is vehicle estimatics and how well a high quality inspection adds value to the transaction by knowing how to inspect and identify areas of risk. Areas of risk include:
  What the inspections cover or not Interior Damage
  Vehicle information Trim and Series/Model Breakdowns
  Prior Repairs Ways to Streamline Without Sacrificing Quality
  Structural Damage Ways to Measure Effectiveness for Continuous Improvement
  Exterior Damage    
Day 2 – Arbitration —— 8:30 am-5:00 pm
Day 2 is all arbitration. The department name is “arbitration” but in reality the team does much more than just render a decision. In this class you will better understand the science and the art that is arbitration to not only manage current arbitration issues but mitigate future occurrences by obtaining a better understanding of the following:
  Understanding Stakeholder’s Perspectives Mutual Gains vs. Fixed Pie Negotiation
  Sustaining or Improving Your Bottom Line Mediation vs. Arbitration
  Arbitration Policy Sync and Update Scenario Training
  Know Your Best Alternative to Negotiated
Agreement Benchmarking


Class Instructor

Classes are taught by Matt Arias, Director of Arbitration for Manheim. Matt is responsible for operational support and continuous improvement activities of auction operations, auction policies and arbitration departments. In addition, he serves as the intermediary for arbitration claims and mediation. Matt co-chairs the NAAA Standards Committee and is a member of the IARA Standards Committee.

Upcoming Training: July 19-20
Location: Akron Auto Auction
2471 Ley Drive, Akron, OH 44319
Hotel Accommodations:

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Akron Regional Airport Area,
898 Arlington Ridge E, Akron, OH 44312,
(330) 644-5600,
Approximately $98/night

Hampton Inn Akron-South,
880 Arlington Ridge, Akron, OH 44312,
(330) 644-6579,
Approximately $99/night

Cambria Hotel Akron - Canton Airport,
1787 Thorn Dr, Uniontown, OH 44685,
(330) 899-1990,
Approximately $89/night

Upcoming Training: August 22-23
Location: ADESA Chicago
2785 Beverly Road, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
Hotel Accommodations:

Hilton Garden Inn Hoffman Estates, 2425 Barrington Rd, Hoffman Estates, IL 60195,
(847) 277-7889,
Approximately $150/night

Chicago Marriott Northwest, 4800 Hoffman Blvd, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192,
(847) 645-9500
Approximately $175/night

Location: Akron Auto Auction
Location: ADESA Chicago

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Future Training Dates and Locations
September 6 & 7
Location: Manheim Toronto, Milton, Ontario, Canada
December 6 & 7
Location: Manheim Dallas, Dallas, TX

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