Auction Membership — Regular

An Auction (Regular) Member is defined as 'any person or entity actively engaged in the wholesale auto auction business whose operation complies with Federal, State and local laws, and principally provides auction services to buyers who are licensed motor vehicle dealers, and to sellers, in wholesale transactions involving motor vehicles that are not salvage, rebuilt or junk.' Additionally, there must be an established place of business offering weekly dealers only sales.

The Membership Application Process

  1. An applicant completes and submits the Pre-qualification form by the posted deadline (approximately 10 weeks prior to the next membership meeting).
  2. The pre-qualification form is reviewed at the NAAA corporate office. If the minimum qualifications for membership stated in the NAAA by-laws are met, an application packet is sent to the applicant. Otherwise the applicant is notified the auction does not qualify for membership in NAAA.
  3. The applicant completes and submits all application documents and fees by the posted deadline (approximately 8 weeks prior to the next membership meeting).
  4. The application is reviewed for completeness at the NAAA corporate office.
  5. An initial review is conducted by the membership committee chairman.
  6. The applicant is notified if any additional information is needed.
  7. The applicant’s references are checked.
  8. Background checks are performed on the applicant’s business and the business owners.
  9. A site visit is conducted at the applicant’s facility.
  10. The applicant is added to the agenda of the upcoming membership meeting.
  11. The applicant is notified the application processing is complete and they are listed on the membership meeting agenda.
  12. The application fee is deposited.
  13. All current members of NAAA are notified of the applications being considered at the next membership meeting (30 days prior to the meeting).
  14. The membership committee meeting is held where applications are reviewed, discussed and voted on. The voted is to recommend to the NAAA Board of Directors that the application should be approved, tabled or denied.
  15. The NAAA Board of Directors meets and after reviewing the recommendations of the membership committee, approves, tables or denies each application.
  16. The applicant is notified whether their application was approved, tabled or denied.
  17. If the application is approved, the applicant will receive their membership packet and be added to the NAAA website as a member.
  18. If the application is tabled, the applicant will be notified as to the next steps.
  19. If the application is denied, the applicant will be notified as to why the application was not approved.
Current Deadlines for Applications
2019 NAAA Annual Convention
(application consideration)

     Pre-qualification forms due: July 26, 2019
     Application forms due: August 9, 2019

     Late applications will be held over until the
     NAAA/CAR Conference in March 2020

Applications are accepted throughout the year and presented
to the NAAA Membership Committee and the NAAA Board of Directors for approval either at the NAAA/CAR Conference (March) or the NAAA Annual Convention (September/October) .  Applicants for membership must pre-qualify before an application can be issued. The pre-qualification form is a
request for application only.

Auction Membership — Regular:
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