2022 — 100% Safety Certified NAAA Auction Members


  Providing a safer workplace for everyone requires a team effort and applies to all aspects of the auction operation — in the lanes, the shop
or front office — so NAAA urges all member auctions as well as associate members to have their entire workforce complete our Auction Safety
Certification and Lane Safety Training program. The following members have become 100 percent safety certified:

Greater Erie Auto Auction
America’s Auto Auction – Austin
Southeastern Auto Auction of Savannah
Music City Auto Auction of Nashville
Music City Auto Auction of Nashville
Southeastern Auto Auction of Savannah
Music City Auto Auction of Nashville
ADESA Atlanta
ADESA Birmingham
ADESA Boston
ADESA Charlotte
ADESA Concord
ADESA Jacksonville
ADESA Long Island
ADESA New Jersey
ADESA Orlando
ADESA Pennsylvania
ADESA Raleigh
ADESA Sarasota
ADESA Washington DC
ADESA Brasher's
ADESA Golden Gate
ADESA Las Vegas
ADESA Los Angeles
ADESA Northwest
  ADESA Phoenix
ADESA Portland
ADESA Sacramento
ADESA San Diego
ADESA Seattle
ADESA Austin
ADESA Buffalo
ADESA Cincinnati
ADESA Cleveland
ADESA Dallas
ADESA Houston
ADESA Knoxville
ADESA Lexington
ADESA Mercer
ADESA Nashville
ADESA Pittsburgh
ADESA Queen City
ADESA San Antonio
ADESA Shreveport
ADESA Syracuse
ADESA Chicago
ADESA Colorado Springs
ADESA Des Moines

  ADESA Indianapolis
ADESA Kansas City
ADESA Lansing
ADESA Little Rock
ADESA Memphis
ADESA Minneapolis
ADESA Salt Lake
ADESA Sioux Falls
ADESA St. Louis
ADESA Calgary
ADESA Edmonton
ADESA Vancouver
ADESA Saskatoon
ADESA Toronto
ADESA Kitchener
ADESA Ottawa
ADESA Windsor
ADESA Winnipeg
ADESA Montreal
ADESA Quebec
ADESA Halifax
ADESA Moncton
ADESA St. John's
America’s Auto Auction – Virginia
Carolina Auto Auction


NAAA recognizes the 100% Safety Certified members with a special award given when NAAA is notified of the 100% Safety Certified completion. All auctions who achieve the 100% Safety Certified program are also given special recognition at the annual convention each year to celebrate their accomplishment.

Please contact the NAAA Headquarters via email at [email protected] to let us know that your auction is 100% Safety Certified.