RE: Safety Guidelines Approved
Date: February 16, 2018

Dear Members,

On March 7, 2018, at the CAR Conference, NAAA’s Board of Directors took another major step in the association’s ongoing efforts to ensure auctions are a safer place for all to work and do business by approving the Suggested Safety Guidelines.

My sincerest thanks to NAAA’s Executive and Safety Committees, legal counsel, staff, and the many members who reviewed and commented on the draft proposal for giving your time, input and labor in accomplishing this important task.

Initiated almost a year ago, the goal was to establish a set of proactive procedures, practices and educational programming that would create a safer working environment for all those involved in any aspect of daily operations, from employees and contractors to customers and visitors, as well as for any auto auction.

The insightful observations and constructive criticism we received as feedback from posting the draft on our website helped us craft recommendations to assist all our member auctions.

I think you’ll find the document’s 12 pages offer suggestions that can easily be customized to apply to your own auction’s specific operational environments and needs. I encourage you to use these guidelines in expanding your safety policies.

We at NAAA are committed to enhancing the safety of the auto auction industry by promoting greater safety awareness, risk reduction and accident prevention. I appreciate your help in making safety the highest priority at your auction!

Thank you.







Suggested Safety Standards Guidelines